Geotechnical Engineering and Consulting Services

We investigate to help clients understand how subsurface conditions and soil characteristics impact their projects, then provide recommendations to manage or resolve  issues — before they become problems.

AET offers complete geotechnical services ranging from drilling, in-situ testing, and laboratory testing to engineering design and consultation.

Our professional engineers and professional geologists lead geotechnical teams that provide  critical testing and observation services and monitor site conditions as a project progresses. 

AET geotechnical engineers contribute to construction projects at all stages –from planning and design to construction, post-construction maintenance and, if needed, forensic investigation.

We have provided geotechnical consulting and design recommendations on buildings, roads, bridges, oil and gas sites, wind turbines, levees and dams, railways, and airports – at sites across the nation and around the world.

Thoughtful geotechnical solutions to help your project succeed

Our geotechnical engineers understand that one key to project success is “constructability.” By working with our geotechnical engineers, your team benefits from our experience and problem-solving capabilities, and thoughtful recommendations — so you can select an approach that meets your project schedule and budget.

Reducing uncertainty regarding the subsurface conditions and constructability of your project can reduce schedule delays and can lead to lower construction costs.

Large-scale projects with large-scale geotechnical challenges

For 50 years AET has helped clients overcome diverse and difficult geotechnical challenges, often achieving award-winning results.

We provide slope stability analysis and design for retaining walls and embankments and foundation assessment and design for both shallow and deep foundations. We also install instrumentation to monitor structures for movements and vibrations caused by nearby construction projects.  

We bring invaluable geotechnical knowledge and expertise, beyond just the test results, to your project. We help clients understand their options and find cost-effective solutions that meet their project goals.

Our experience includes major sports arenas (for example, US Bank Stadium, Target Field, Xcel Energy Center, and Lambeau Field), high-rise buildings, commercial re-development, major river bridges, and large transportation projects across the upper Midwest. 

Add experienced geotechnical engineers to your project team

We work with many project stakeholders, including structural engineers and architects, contractors, developers, owner’s agents, and government project managers, to support projects where soil and rock properties and subsurface conditions must be considered in the design.

We partner with you and your team to make your project successful. Contact us to discuss your project

Geotechnical Engineering and Consulting Services 

Our geotechnical engineers, technicians, and geologists combine expertise and practical experience with advanced field and laboratory testing techniques and geotechnical design software to provide the following geotechnical design, exploration, testing, and monitoring services. 

  • Geotechnical/geological site characterization
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Landslide stabilization
  • Retaining Walls 
  • Embankments / Dams 
  • Ground improvement
  • Shallow foundation design
  • Deep Foundation design
  • Pile testing
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Expert witness services / Litigation support
  • Pavement Engineering and Design

Geotechnical Field Services  

Geotechnical Laboratory Testing 

  • Thermal resistivity testing
  • Granular and frac sand resource evaluations
  • Permeability testing
  • Aggregate testing
  • Soil testing 

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