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A leading Twin Cities firm for geotechnical engineering, drilling, and testing; environmental services; construction materials testing and evaluation; nondestructive testing; building performance, forensics, and testing; and petrography/chemistry services.

The AET office in Saint Paul, Minnesota provides a wide range of engineering and environmental consulting services that are trusted by clients, not only across the Twin Cities, but around the world. We bring invaluable knowledge and expertise, beyond just the test results, to your project – whether that’s a major sports stadium, a multi-story high-rise, a commercial development or redevelopment, a major river bridge, a roadway or transit project. Our staff are qualified and certified for the work they perform.

Constructed in 1990, the Saint Paul office location also houses the corporate headquarters for AET.

Saint Paul, Minnesota is a large city with many distinct neighborhoods and plenty of choices for cultural activities, shopping, dining and nightlife. Located across the Mississippi River from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the two cities form a large metropolitan area known as the “Twin Cities”.

What AET can do for you

We’ll consult with you to understand the unique goals and constraints of your project. Clients count on AET for the investigations and testing needed to identify and evaluate challenging site conditions or environmental contaminants, as well as performance issues with building and construction materials.

We then develop reports, recommendations, engineering solutions, or remedial actions to help you reduce or manage these risks. Our consultants walk you through the data and analysis, providing the technical support you need to understand the costs and challenges of alternative solutions.

AET expertise includes geotechnical engineering, environmental, forensic, and laboratory services

The AET team supports new construction, renovation, and repair of buildings; parking decks, dams and other infrastructure, oil and gas facilities, and agricultural storage structures. We also support DOTs, state and federal agencies, municipalities, and private clients in the evaluation, repair and rehabilitation of pavement for roadways and parking lots and airfield pavements.

Our services include:

  • Construction materials testing and inspection
  • Geotechnical drilling and testing
  • Geotechnical engineering design
  • Geotechnical consulting
  • Nondestructive testing
  • Pavement investigation
  • Construction materials testing and consultation
  • Asphalt and concrete testing and mix design
  • Environmental compliance and permitting
  • Environmental consulting
  • Asbestos and hazardous materials surveys
  • Air emissions testing
  • Forensic engineering
  • Building envelope and structural inspection, testing, and design
  • Historic building renovation/repair, adaptive reuse, and design
  • Nondestructive testing and inspection
  • Petrography/chemistry services

AET has accreditation and/or validation with the following organizations:

  • AASHTO ReSource (AASHTO Accreditation Program)
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

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