Forensic Geology/Petrography: What Aggregate Analysis Tell Us About Concrete

Forensic Geology/Petrography: What Aggregate Analysis Tell Us About Concrete

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AET Petrography Webinar 

Join Senior Petrographer, Chris Braaten, PG, CPG, in a pre-recorded webinar about how AET uses petrographic examination (following ASTM C294/C295) to evaluate aggregates that are proposed for use in concrete and other cementitious mixtures.

This petrography webinar covers

      • What is forensic geology/petrography?

      • Why use petrography?

      • Overview of problematic rock types and minerals

      • Potential impacts of aggregate components on concrete

      • Photos, thin sections, and scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of issues

      • Highlights of several forensic case studies


    AET Webinar: Forensic Geology / Petrography: What Aggregate Analyses Tell Us About Concrete?

    Christopher Braaten, PG, CPG is a Professional Geologist, a Certified Professional Geologist, and a Senior Petrographer. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in Duluth with a degree in Geological sciences and began his career with AET in 2005. He worked as a Field Technician, a Bridge Inspector, and the Aggregate Laboratory Coordinator before qualifying as a Petrographer in 2011. Chris has performed petrographic analysis on construction aggregate from 49 US States and 18 different countries/territories.

    For more information on AET petrography services, please contact Blake Lemcke at blemcke@teamAET.com

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