AET Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

AET Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

Happy #InternationalWomeninEngineeringDay to all our women engineers at #TeamAET! Today, we celebrate you, the best and brightest in the industry, and all the remarkable work you have done to enhance people’s everyday lives and help build towards a brighter future.

To celebrate this day, we asked two employee-owners, Engineer 1 Kristen Hanson and Field Scientist Sarah Erickson, to provide insight into their experience in the industry. You can read their responses below:

Kristen Hanson:

After starting as an intern at AET in 2019, I have had numerous opportunities to work with incredibly knowledgeable people on unique projects that have shaped me into the engineer I am today.

Through my work in the Pavement Department, I have assisted in improving multiple county and city roads by working with clients to provide different pavement rehabilitation methods that best suit their needs, including cold in-place recycling, stabilized full-depth reclamation, and soil stabilization with cement.

I also enjoy working with the interns and field engineers in our group to help expand their knowledge so that they can continue to build a brighter and more certain future through engineering.

Sarah Erickson:

I feel as though I am enhancing people’s everyday lives by ensuring our environment is protected and construction projects meet specifications and follow regulations.

I started my career with AET right out of college as a Field Engineer in the Construction Services Department. As a Field Engineer, I tested concrete and performed nuclear density tests on soil to ensure that concrete mixes and soil compaction met the correct specifications.

After working in that department for over a year, I moved on to the Environmental Department as a Field Scientist to pursue work in my obtained degree. In this department, I ensure that environmental regulations are being met within construction projects. I sample suspected asbestos and lead-containing materials, contaminated soil, groundwater, and even the air to ensure that the environment, workers, and the general population are protected from contamination.

I work alongside my incredibly intelligent coworkers to uphold regulations and mitigate contamination. As we complete our work, we educate others in the construction industry on regulations and how to better protect our environment on future projects. My work at AET is rewarding, knowing I am helping build a better and brighter future for the next generations. 

We are proud to be working together to build a more certain future with these incredible women.

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