St. Paul Port Authority –Beacon Bluff Redevelopment

St. Paul Port Authority –Beacon Bluff Redevelopment

The St. Paul Port Authority was in negotiations for acquisition of the 45-acre 3M St. Paul Campus when they called on AET to become the environmental consultant for the investigation and redevelopment of the property. AET designed the assessment approach to obtain information necessary to make an informed decision regarding acquisition of the property, to resolve site-specific issues on different portions of the property and to target redevelopment options. The assessment consisted of a wide-area Phase I ESA, combined wide-area Phase II ESA and geotechnical exploration, Hazardous Materials Assessment and Response Action Planning. These activities were coordinated with the Port Authority, 3M, and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) staff.

AET prepared and implemented an EPA approved Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). The Phase II ESA and subsequent investigations consisted of over 300 soil borings and push probes, 14 additional monitoring wells, 25 test trenches, soil gas surveys and geophysical surveys to detect buried debris. These activities included chemical analysis of over 500 soil, 40 groundwater and 30 soil vapor samples for a wide range of environmental contaminants. AET subsequently prepared Response Action Plans for five of the nine Parcels. In addition, a Master Response Action Plan/Site Contingency Plan for the entire 45 acres was also completed for a site-wide MPCA Certificate of Completion. Response action activities were completed and implemented; more than 150,000 cubic yards of contaminated soils impacted with PAHs, metals, asbestos, VOCs, and petroleum were excavated and disposed of at local area landfills.

The demolition of six multi-story buildings was completed from 2010 to 2012. We tested the concrete and brick to determine its suitability for crushing and reuse as engineered fill. AET conducted all environmental monitoring and testing, building asbestos abatement oversight and geotechnical excavation observations and corrections.

The promise of Beacon Bluff is to bring together private businesses, government agencies and an involved and supportive community to create economic benefit for decades to come. The Beacon Bluff team implemented innovative brownfields practices and green redevelopment, building and operating strategies, advancing sustainable development and groundbreaking collaboration between interested parties and a revitalized community.

For more information about AET’s services for this project, visit our Environmental page, Geotechnical page and Construction Materials page.

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