Rapid City Landfill Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City Landfill Rapid City, South Dakota

AET has provided various professional services at the Rapid City landfill over the last 15-plus years. Projects have included groundwater monitoring/statistical analysis, stormwater sampling, non-methane organic compound (NMOC) monitoring, quarterly methane monitoring, leachate discharge sampling and reporting, hydrogeologic evaluation for landfill expansion, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and documentation and landfill gas collection system operations and maintenance monitoring.

We have also been involved in new cell design/construction, landfill cell capping/closure, roadway design and construction and many of the landfill’s ancillary structures such as the materials handling facility and citizen’s campus.

As a client, Rapid City has drawn upon AET’s local expertise and range of services to meet many operational needs. Often we are called to help tackle difficult issues that require innovative engineering solutions.

For more information about AET’s services for this project and client, visit our Environmental page, Geotechnical page and Construction Materials page.

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