Where We Live and Work – Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Where We Live and Work – Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

AET has two offices in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area: one regional office in Chippewa Falls offering geotechnical, environmental, and construction testing services and a non-destructive testing office in Menomonie.

Located on the Chippewa River, there are several great walking trails close by, so it is easy to sneak out for a little exercise after dinner or at the start of the day.

WWL Chippewa Falls - Picture 1.jpg

Footbridge on the Chippewa River Trail


WWL Chippewa Falls - Picture 2.jpg

As a civil engineer…I like to take pictures of bridges!


WWL Chippewa Falls - Picture 3.jpg 

I’d love to be in town when they have a concert at the amphitheater on the Chippewa River.


WWL Chippewa Falls - Picture 4.jpg

I often stay at the Trails End Lodge just a block from the River so I can watch the sunrise on my morning walk. 


Next stop…Dickinson, North Dakota!

– Bill Holder

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