State Department of Environment and Natural Resources LUST/TRUST Cleanup Bison, South Dakota

State Department of Environment and Natural Resources LUST/TRUST Cleanup Bison, South Dakota

A contractor encountered petroleum impacted soils during storm sewer excavation in Bison, SD. AET was brought in by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (SD DENR) to observe the removal of petroleum contaminated soils and arrange for proper disposal during the sewer installation. Subsequent subsurface investigations for the SD DENR helped delineate the extent of the contamination. We identified four nearby release sources and prepared corrective action recommendations.

By getting involved early, AET helped to keep the project on schedule for the contractor and client by screening soils during excavation and arranging contaminated soil disposal alternatives. We also helped identify the contamination sources so they could be addressed to prevent future petroleum contamination spreading in the area, supporting SD DENR oversight.

For more information about AET’s services for this project, visit our Environmental page.

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Doug Schueller

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